The China Committee of Pathology Industry (CCPI) is a new association based on the original work of the Committee of Chinese pathologists (CCP), who first carried out External Quality Assessment (EQA) schemes, and made considerable progress in quality of immunohistochemistry testing in China.

Since 2004, we have conducted a total of 23 EQA activities ( evaluated approximately 60 antigenic markers. Participants involved most of the laboratories and manufacturers in Chinese provinces and cities. An increase in the number of participants has been observed over the last years, proving that it is of great significance to strengthen the awareness of optimizing pathological techniques.

In addition, we keep in close contact with the medical laboratories and manufacturers and do our best to narrow the gap between different inland regions of China with respect to technological development and improving the immunohistochemistry staining quality. By doing so, it will make it possible to provide the best diagnosis and support for cancer patients in the future.

Currently, we are looking to expand the scope of EQA schemes offered to other forms of diagnostics, by gradually establishing cellular and molecular EQA Working Group (under preparation) by our experts. We are also actively involved in China immunohistochemical technology exchanges, meetings / E-Learning and a number of Continuing Education Programs as an EQA organizer or as a participant, and we also participate in the relevant international multi-center exchanges and cooperation such as IQN Path.