IQN Path ASBL at the Naples 2016 Congress

The newly formed IQN Path ASBL joined the Naples 2016 Congress stakeholders involved in promoting accurate testing for anti-cancer drug Naples Meeting No.1selection. The conference was organised by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM) with the European Society of Pathology (ESP) and the Italian Association of Surgical Pathology (SIAPEC-IAP), and with the endorsement of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).

The meeting included pathologists, molecular biologists, quality managers, medical oncologists, representatives of the pharmaceutical companies, vendors of artificial controls for diagnostic methods and equipment, patients and representatives of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

2016 celebrated the fifth consecutive year of the Naples Conference and marked the launch of IQN Path ASBL who was welcomed to the stage for the first year in its important capacity of bringing all contributors together who are involved in External Naples Meeting No.3Quality Assessment (EQA).

The 1st IQN Path ASBL General Meeting was also held where members discussed future priorities for quality assurance for promoting accurate testing for anti-cancer drug selection.

The presence of the industry, represented by IQN Path sponsor members and more was a great asset to the success of the meeting. There was a clear mission for the whole group: to get a correct diagnoses for every patient at the highest possible quality at the best achievable price. All agreed that EQA is an integral part of the whole process, a challenge for all scheme providers and for IQN Path.Naples Meeting No.4

A fruitful meeting, not in the least because all participants were dedicated experts, but also due to the focussed group size of 70 participants. We look forward to the 2017 follow-up meeting.

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