The European Molecular Genetics Quality Network


Established in 1998 and based at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) is a not-for-profit organisation promoting quality in genetic testing by establishing, harmonising and disseminating best practice. EMQN provide accredited (ISO 17043) external quality assessment (EQA) to labs worldwide in collaboration with many organisations including EuroGentest, CF Network , UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics, RCPA QAP, RfB and the EAA.

EMQN provides a comprehensive range of quality assurance programs for molecular genetics to laboratories and industry worldwide. It is committed to helping ensure diagnostic molecular genetic laboratory test results are accurate, reliable and comparable wherever they are produced.

The schemes covered by EMQN include:

EQA (Somatic mutation testing)
Molecular testing in Liquid Biopsy
Molecular testing in Lung Cancer
Molecular testing in Melanoma
Molecular testing in sporadic Colorectal Cancer
Molecular testing in BRCA genes in Ovarian Cancer
Oncogene panel testing
EQA (Technique specific)
Constitutional Microarray analysis
DNA Sequencing – NextGen (vGermline)
DNA Sequencing – NextGen (vSomatic)
DNA Sequencing – Sanger (Data quality assessment only version)
DNA Sequencing – Sanger (Full version)
Non-invasive prenatal testing

The EMQN organisation has three main components: A management board, comprising seven senior molecular geneticists from EU countries, the EQA scheme organisers and assessors and the registered members.

EMQN is a UKAS accredited provider of EQA services.

For more information please visit the EMQN website.