External Quality Assessment Services in Pathology and Cytology in Sweden

Equalis is a provider of external quality assessment (EQA) services in laboratory medicine and diagnostic imaging. Producers of test results, like hospital laboratories, clinics and wards as well as primary care facilities, participate in our EQA schemes in order to assess and improve their performance. We also use EQA to evaluate the performance of diagnostic medical devices and to demonstrate possible systematic deviations that might need attention of the manufacturer. Furthermore, we are involved in education, standardisation and other quality improvement projects. Our aim is to promote quality improvement of test results in laboratory medicine and diagnostic imaging, thereby increasing patient safety.

In the area of pathology and cytology, we offer the following EQA services to pathology and cytology departments in Sweden.

  • Histopatological staining techniques
    Topics and type of staining varies yearly. Frequency: 1/year
  • Gynaecological cytology staining techniques
    Papanicolaou staining of smears. Frequency: 1/year
  • Morphologic pathology and cytology (virtual microscopy)

Topics and number of rounds varies yearly.


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