Program Quality Assurance in Pathology, Spanish Society of Pathology- International Academy of Pathology SEAP -IAP (GCP)

GCP-SEAP is the Spanish program of Quality Assurance in Pathology. Even though based in Spain, we provide proficiency testing to laboratories and manufacturers around the world, mainly in South America, Andorra and Portugal. GCP-SEAP started on 2004 as a project of the Spanish Society of Pathology-International Academy of Pathology (SEAP–IAP) who inspired it. We are one of the largest European quality control programs developed inside, supported, and driven by a scientific society of Pathology.

Our program encompasses all tissue section-based testing, as well as molecular pathology and HPV assessment. It also includes diagnostic accuracy in pathology, cytology and relevant cancer biomarker interpretations. We currently organize more than ten main schemes, running twice or three times a year. As members of the only scientific society of Pathology in Spain, all the directors/assessors are close to the daily practice as they actively contribute to provide diagnosis in academic and non-academic institutions. Our evaluations are strictly based on technical or scientific evidence, regardless of economic or political interests. All Spanish laboratories, public and private, are invited to participate in the program on a voluntary and confidential manner although the program is open, as mentioned above, to international participation, especially for Spanish speaking countries.

Our program is a full non-profit activity, and the fees for subscriptions are based on the realistic cost of logistics and operations, thus, eventual operating surpluses are reinvested to further develop and improve the objectives of the program.

The GCP initiative is at the basis of any educational activity of our Society, and provides on-line and classroom teaching on clinically relevant state-of-the-art topics, as well as on technical issues regarding sample testing.

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