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The German Society of Pathology (DGP) and the Federal Association of German Pathologists (BDP) operate a common quality management initiative, called QuIP® (Quality assurance Initiative Pathology). Its aim is to improve reliability and reproducibility of pathological diagnostics by conducting round robin tests for interested parties. The focus is on immunohistochemical and molecular diagnostics.

While QuIP® has always been in charge of further development and implementation of new round robin tests, in 2009 it closed a contract with “RfB”, a service provider, which handles complete logistics of the tests (i.e. participants receive tissue samples in due time). Moreover it cooperates with designated reference institutes that take care of selection and quality of samples. Usually two or three institutes constitute a so-called “panel” for each of the different detection methods.
RfB, accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010, also issues certificates on behalf of QuIP® upon successful completion of the tests and keeps records. Certified institutes are displayed on both websites of DGP and BDP (approval required).
QuIP® was founded in 2004 and works as civil law association. It is governed by the Board in which eight representatives from DGP and BDP are delegated. The Chairman of the Board is elected at DGP´s suggestion and will decide in a stalemate.
The name “QuIP” ® is a registered trademark at the German Patent and trademark office in Munich.
Website: http://www.quip-ringversuche.de