Successful meeting of the In-Situ Methods Working Group

On Sunday 25th September, IQN Path held another successful working group meeting of the In-Situ Methods Working Group.

Prof Mogens Vyberg and Dr Emina Torlakovic gave excellent presentations on the challenges and importance of quality in immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing with presentations on positive and negative controls for IHC and an overview of the key concepts of quality in IHC respectively. Clarifying and tackling challenging concepts such as the test performance characteristics of IHC validation and verification of IHC tests, when to revalidate and how these concepts can be applied to External Quality Assessment (EQA) for enabling scheme design in IHC.

With EQA members and industry represented, a good discussion was established on some up coming challenges in the field of IHC, such as PDL-1 testing for new immunotherapy drugs. Many thanks to all those attending and we look forward to the exciting new projects that will be taken forward by the group!

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