Quality matters: How to join us


Full membership is available to EQA providers with schemes that meet the following criteria:

- Regularly offering schemes in the field of somatic tissue-based biomarker assessment

- Have a defined and sustainable organisational structure

- Members of the organisation’s Board do not belong to commercial entities

- Operate schemes that are profession-based and that do have a commercial emphasis e.g. associated with an academic professional association, academic institute or national body


Organizations interested in EQA and biomarker quality that are not EQA providers e.g. academic, regulatory bodies, standards agencies, non-governmental or other professional organizations.

This membership category is also open to non-commercial organisations that are interested in operating EQA schemes but as yet have no established formal legal entity.


Corporate membership is open to companies who are interested in contributing to IQN Path and quality in Pathology. Contact IQN Path to find out more about sponsorship packages.


Do you think what we do is important and would you like to donate to IQN Path? Become a Patron of IQN Path.

You are not affiliated with any EQA/PT scheme but you have experience in the field and are interested in quality matters in pathology and have an interest in contributing to work of IQN Path? Contact us to find out how you can contribute as an Associate of IQN Path.