IQN Path PD-L1 digital educational resource for EQA

IQN Path is working on setting up a new project to support quality of PDL1 testing. The goal of the project, is to establish a high quality education resource for self-assessment of pathologists on PD-L1 scoring. Digital slides stained with the four different FDA approved tests (from both Agilent and Roche) will be available to view.

The digital platform is for pathologists and scientists to log-in, view and self-test their skills on high quality reference material that is presented in a consistent manner. The portal will start with lung cancer but we hope over time it will be extended to other disease areas.

This combined slide resource will be made available for use by participating IQN Path member EQA providers such that the self-assessment can be made available to user pathologists through the EQA scheme in their region.

In this collaborative effort we aim to help the EQA providers with providing high quality materials for use in EQA and at the same time help to harmonise activities between different groups by working with the same reference materials and obtaining input from all the participating EQAs into the project design.


CADQAS, Poundbury, UK, is supporting IQN Path with the technical implementation and project management of this project.

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