IQN Path teams up with LMP pathologist to standardize immunohistochemistry terminology

IQN Path, represented by the executive director, Dr Jacqueline Hall, has been in collaboration with Dr. Emina Torlakovic Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) and Canadian Immunohistochemsitry Quality Control (CIQC) an External Quality Assessment (EQA) provider to standardize a terminology and framework for quality in immunohistochemistry (IHC).

Dr. Emina Torlakovic, hematopathologist, immunohistochemistry lab director at LMP and co-founder of CIQC (an EQA member of IQN Path) is an acknowledged expert in the field of immunohistochemistry. The joint project followed a recent presentation by Dr. Torlakovic to an IQN Path working group of immunohistochemistry EQA providers on the benefits of establishing standardized terminology for immunohistochemistry, which would enhance communication between international EQA providers and reduce potential misinterpretations.

“When working with international organizations it’s vital to break down any possible barriers to communication,” says Jaqueline. “That’s why we’re working together internationally to standardize some of the terminology used by EQA providers within IQN Path and in the field as a whole.” For more details visit here

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